Historical TVL data.




Use an API key to avoid rate limiting.


Project name. Corresponds to the slug of a project when clicking on it on, e.g. -> robo-advisor-for-yield. Calling the endpoint without a project name, or with all will return historical TVL data for all tracked projects.


Time period: 1w, 1m, 3m, 1y or all. The 1w period will return hourly values, all other periods will return daily values. Default: all.


Desired length of data set in hours or days. Can be used as an alternative to period for a more granular control over the returned data set.


Desired resolution: hours or history (=days), used together with length for a more granular control over the returned data set.


Return data for a specific category only. For historical reasons, project=all is required for this to work. Current categories: lending, dexes, derivatives, payments, assets.


Use csv to obtain data in CSV format instead of json. Log into for a more granular control over CSV creation.

Response: observe that the first entry in the array concerns the ongoing period (hour or day), while the following entries always concern a full period (hour or day) in the past, stepping back in time, starting from the period before the ongoing period. Timestamps are Unix epoch time.