Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchains does DeFi Pulse support?

At present DeFi Pulse only tracks projects on Ethereum mainnet. We plan to add support for other chains in the near future.

When will new projects be added to DeFi Pulse?

Our team is constantly adding new projects to DeFi Pulse and will communicate new listings on our Twitter. Interested in seeing a project listed? You can submit a suggestion here.

How do I get my project added to DeFi Pulse?

Our team no longer needs to work directly with teams to get projects listed on DeFi Pulse. If you are interested in having your project listed, you can submit a project suggestion here.

Why is your TVL calculation different from others?

While we cannot speak to how other platforms calculate TVL, DeFi Pulse uses a strict, standardized approach whereby assets must represent a true economic interest in order to be included. For more information about how TVL is calculated, see the reference page on TVL.

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